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Get the good night's
sleep you both need

I am here to empower you and provide the knowledge to create healthy sleep habits for your little one. I take a holistic and personalised approach and look at your situation to determine what works for you and your family.

Adelaide, South Australia
Services Offered World-Wide

Paediatric Registered Nurse

"Meeting Kirsty was life changing. Little did I know, she would quickly become my son's biggest advocate and my biggest cheerleader. She knew every which way to help him and myself along our journey. She believed in me when all I had was doubt and she cared so strongly for his well-being as much as my own. My 5 month old is now the happiest, most well-rested thriving little boy, who can self settle anywhere, anytime. I never knew the impact sleep deprivation could have on him. Our family will forever be grateful."

Kimberley & Milo

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I'm Kirsty.

I'm a Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, Paediatric Registered Nurse and Mother of three children.

My passion for sleep began when I had my first baby. She was a terrible sleeper, and I was so exhausted. Dealing with her reflux and the constant hours my husband and I spent walking her around the house every night was incredibly challenging!

As a Paediatric Registered Nurse, I understand sleep's crucial role in a baby's development and growth. Therefore, I sought help from a baby sleep consultant, which completely transformed my life. This experience ignited a deep passion, driving me to assist all those struggling mothers and families overwhelmed by sleep deprivation with their little ones. It doesn't have to be this way!

I derive immense satisfaction from empowering parents with the skills to teach their babies how to sleep. I will guide you through the process, ensuring you have a happy, well-rested baby. I want you to relish every moment of your parenthood journey as it passes by far too quickly.

I look forward to working with you and your little one and helping you all achieve sleep!

Support Packages Available:

Phone consult

Personalised sleep plan and support. Let me guide and support you no matter where you live.


Support and assistance in your own home. Available in Adelaide, South Australia.

A mother's help

Let me be there for you, so you can fully embrace the joys of motherhood while receiving the assistance you need.

Kirsty Cook

Baby and Child Sleep Consultant 


Adelaide, South Australia

Services offered world-wide


Phone:  0408 893 668

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