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About Sleep Little One


My Story

Thanks for stopping by. I am a  Certified Baby and Sleep Consultant. I know first-hand how much of an impact sleep deprivation has on yourself as a mother/person and on your little one. Motherhood shouldn't have to be this way. 

​This is why I am here to help, educate and teach you the gentle ways we can create healthy sleep habits for your little one and get them sleeping well.  ​You deserve a good night’s sleep, making the parenting journey much more enjoyable. 


I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years, specialising in Paediatric nursing for over a decade. This is where my love of working with families and children stems from. I am so passionate about sleep and how important it is for children. People forget that allowing your child to sleep is as important as feeding them. Teaching them the valuable skill of settling and having good naps and bedtime sleep is such a vital part of development for a baby. 

My Approach

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to sleep training.  I will find out what is going on in your current situation and personalise a plan to fit around you and your baby's needs. Every one has different parenting styles and values and I also take this into consideration when working out a personalised plan as I want you to feel comfortable with the plan as this is when you will succeed!! 

I won't be suggesting you leave your child to cry alone for hours on end. I take a much more gentle approach to each situation. I will work with you via a phone consult or a in-home consult.  ​Working as a Paediatric Registered Nurse and with 3 young children of my own, I have much experience working with families and babies/children in vulnerable times. 

I am still in that period of motherhood myself where some nights are doozies, so I can very much relate to your daily struggles. I get it!!

That is why I am here to offer you advice and guidance and be your biggest supporter. I will help guide you through the daunting but exciting time of sleep training. I love hearing the difference in parent's voices when they have finally succeeded with getting their little one to self- settle. 

What To Expect

Throughout the process of working together and teaching your new-born or toddler to sleep we will focus on:  

  • Teaching babies how to link their sleep cycles

  • Educating families on the foundations of sleep

  • Training parents in gentle self-settling techniques

  • Educating parents on positive and negative sleep associations

  • Why sleep is so important for the physical and mental development of your baby

  • How to achieve the perfect sleep environment

  • Age appropriate sleep routines

  • Nutrition

  • Developmental milestones your baby will go through (i.e. the 4 month, 12 month regression)


Let’s Work Together

Kirsty Cook

Baby and Child Sleep Consultant 


Adelaide, South Australia

Services offered world-wide


Tel:  0408 893 668

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